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Compassionate Care in a Family Home in The Neighborhood

You might not distinguish Splendor Hills from the other homes in our neighborhood, because it looks just like all the other homes, and that's the point. There is no sign in the yard, no institutional complex of identical rooms, no long impersonal hallways lined with residents. Inside the enticing smell of home cooking fills the air. The small "family" of residents and caregivers are cooking up a meal, sharing stories and enjoying each other's companionship. Loved ones drop by for a visit and stay for lunch if desired.

Smaller is better for the elderly and disabled

When it comes to assisted care, bigger is not always better. Splendor Hills is designed to make the surroundings familiar, the care consistent, and to replace confusion and anxiety in the mind of the resident with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Our residents become familiar with the caregivers they see on a predictable schedule rather than having to cope with new faces every few hours. And because of this our staff become much more familiar not just with each Resident's physical needs but also their personal habits, likes and dislikes.

Call us for a guided tour at (214) 418-8240.

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